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Locheil Finnishing First "Finn"

Date of Birth: 03.09.2007.

Breeder: Heather Turner- Locheil kennel

Co-Owner: Judit Novák

Health Stats: HD: A , ED: 0, eyes clear, gonioscopy neg., CEA, TNS free by parentage, MDR1 +/+ (not affected)

NCL, IGS free (DNA tested)

AGILITY A3 , Dog-dancing class 3, passed the herding instinct test

height: 53 cm

ee-red & dilute carrier


Finn was already one year old when his breeder kindly offered him to me, after the tragic loss of my young dog Falcor from the same kennel. I even had reservations about having him, I didn't want an adult dog for several reasons. Thanks heaven the first meeting with him changed my opinion immediately for what a fantastic BC he turned out to be. Together we struggled, fought, failed and won, and enjoyed every moment of it. He exceeded all my expectations by graduating to A3 level in agility, but he also does well in dog-dancing (advanced category), and he enjoys sheepherding, frisbee and dogsledding too. I don't think there is anything in this world he wouldn't do (or try to do) if I ask him (except of course voluntarily jumping into the bath tub), he became my right hand, my ever so reliable best friend.