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Bordermania Fairy Oak "Pippa"

Date of Birth: 02.05.2014.

Breeder: Judit Novák

Health stats: eyes clear at age of 8 weeks, HD:A, Elbows: 0/0, OCD free

Results: Agility A3, 2xCAC, CACIB

Height: 47,5 cm

Weight: 15 kg


Pippa was named after the cheetah in Joy Adamson's The spotted sphinx, because with her long legs and spots she reminded me of a cheetah. Her speed lives up to her name as well. She is an 'unplanned child' for me, although I liked the combination she came from very much (as it was partly my doing :D ) I decided not to have a new dog that year. I was a damn fool obviously. 
She is irresistibly cute with her spots, twinkling dark eyes and always cheerful attitude, her personality matches her looks perfectly. She is a very easy dog to train and to live with, although her seemingly endless stamina can be a bit annoying sometimes. She loves everyone and wants to express her feelings continuously and is very disappointed if she cannot do so. I just love to work with her, whether it is agility or herding, she has a great drive and clean head which is a very enjoyable combination. 

She knew something I didn't...