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Bordertreowe "D" litter
Puppies were born on 19th July 2013, 3 boys & 4 girls, all black & white

Locheil Finnishing First "Finn"

(HD:A, Elbow: 0/0, eyes clear, gonio. clear, CEA, TNS, CL DNA clear by parentage, MDR1 +/+ (free) )

Agility A2, K9-freestyle class III. 

Charming Witch of Bordertreowe "Bossie"

(HD:A, elbows 0/0, eyes clear, CEA, TNS, CL DNA clear by parentage)

As you may realize this was an unplanned litter due to a rather stupid and very unexpected "accident", but it has happened (as it has happened many times and at many places before- I might add) and a truly beautiful litter was born. Luckily there were no complication, and their mother did a great job with the pups. Now all these kids have fantastic homes, three of them are co-owned with their breeder, and hopefully will enter the show ring when the time comes.

Puppies were born on 19th July, 3 boys and 4 girls, all black and white.

Finn (father) & Pixie (daughter) & Bossie (mother)

Diarmuid O'Dyna of Bordertreowe "Diarmuid"

HD: A, Elbows: free, OCD: free
eyes clear
Serbian Junior Champion

Didgeridoo of Bordertreowe "Bosko"
lives in Croatia 

Daoine Maithe of Bordertreowe "Silme"

Hips: prescore OK

Serbian Junior Champion
Dust My Broom of Bordertreowe "Pixie" 

Serbian Junior Champion
Croatian Junior Champion

Hips: prescore OK

Don't Stop Me Now of Bordertreowe "Bilbo" 
Lives in Croatia

Dia Dhuit of Bordertreowe "Molly" 
lives in Serbia

Dorwinion Wine of Bordertreowe "Dorwi"

Died in an infectious disease, probably in parvovirus :(