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Iceblazer samoyed kennel and sleddog racing team. 

I got my first dog -Tusi, the siberian husky in 2001, and after attending to a sleddog camp I started to compete with him in canicross category. Of course my dream was to have an own sleddog team, and soon enough, I started to build one when I got four young samoyed males in 2002. I started to compete with them in 2003 and we were quite succesful at national level- gaining many first places in the C2 (4 samoyed/malamut/greenland dog) including some National Champion titles. Of course usually there were no more than 3-4 competitors in that category, but I was still very proud of my boys, because I was a complete beginner and the only girl (I was about 16 years old when we started to compete). We also took part in some International competitions, in Austria and Slovakia, the most notable being the 2005 FISTC World Championship in Donovaly where we took the tenth place- this again meant that we were the last team who managed to finish within the limit time on the first two days, but we made it through the whole three days, at a trail so hard I thought I wouldn't be able to stand up after the first day. 

In 2004 Freya (Mystique Midnight Freya of Severnaya-Sam) joined our team, and I had serious plans about breeding samoyeds, and building an own-bred team, but unfortunately after leaving the high school my life changed drastically, and so did my view on sleddogsport. I had to realize, that if I want to renew my team I either will have to rehome my old dogs or have a lot more - I didn't think the first option would be fair, and I already had more dogs than I could keep properly. Also, in 2003 I bought THE border collie, Nidhogg, who had a great impact on my whole life and on my opinion about dog world. I started to get involved in more dog-centric sports and kept dog-sledding as spare-time activity, without competing. 

Eventually the first (and most likely the last) Iceblazer litter was born in 2007, from Freya and a Canadian import male who stayed in Denmark at that time, Vanderbilt's Rockhard Playhard. I had a really tough time finding good homes for the pups, and despite my intentions, I ended up keeping a male - Iceblazer Attention Please "Monty" (in co-ownership with Freya's breeders), and a female - Iceblazer Aurora Polaris 'Nighty'- living with a friend of mine. Monty -thanks to his co-owners- became a qiute successful showdog, gaining Interchamion title and many group placements, and Nighty grew up into a beautiful lady, she really had everything I would expect from a sammy girl, but as I had neither the time nor the will to continue breeding, I decided to let her being neutered. 

As this year, 2013 begun, I think I can assert, that despite I still have my oldies (11 years old now), and Monty, this chapter of my life has now ended. All these years had been a great experience, I've learnt a lot about the doggy world, got to know many people and spent so much great time with my dogs, and I still think back to all the competitions with nostalgy. But I have no intention restarting it or buying a sleddog ever again.