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Bordermania Fairy Oak "Pippa"

Date of Birth: 02.05.2014.

Breeder: Judit Novák

Health stats: eyes clear at age of 8 weeks, HD:A, Elbows: 0/0, OCD free

Results: Agility A2

Height: 47,5 cm

Weight: 15 kg


Pippa was named after the cheetah in Joy Adamson's The spotted sphinx, because with her long legs and spots she reminded me of a cheetah. Her speed lives up to her name as well. She is an 'unplanned child' for me, although I liked the combination she came from very much (as it was partly my doing :D ) I decided not to have a new dog this year, and I also wanted to buy a sheltie male. But my plans usually end this way... 
The reason I fell in love with her... well, who wouldn't? She is just so damn cute with her spots and twinkling black eyes, and she acts like a super sweet crazy puppy all the time. She is always happy, running up and down and jumping like a gazelle while we walk, acting like everything is pink and fluffy around her. She loves everyone and wants to express her feelings continuously and is very disappointed if she cannot do so. She is never tired, always up for something, and is head over heels for every activity. The first time I introduced agility obstacles to her she made this typical "agilityyyyy!!!" face and I was totally lost. I'm looking forward working together with her!

She knew something I didn't...